Video: Bill Cowher wears eyeliner in girlfriend Queen V’s rock music video


Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Cowher is a Super Bowl champion. That fact will never, ever go away – but, sadly, thanks to the power of the good ol’ interwebs, neither will the music video you are about to see.

With a jaw as fierce as Pittsburgh is tough, Cowher led the Steelers for 15 great seasons. He was a manly man.

However, now that Cowher is just a guy watching football on Sundays like the rest of us poor saps, the guy has to do what the rest of us can to placate the women we love.

Sometimes, that just means dressing up in some sort of medieval costume, putting on eyeliner (eyeliner Cowher?! Eyeliner indeed) and making a cameo in Queen V’s latest music video.

Yes, the former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers is dating a goth-rock star known as Queen V.

This song is known as “Cry Your Eyes Out.” We’re pretty sure there are a few “tough guys” over in Steel City doing that after watching this.

[H/T: Sports Kings]