Video: Birdman gets hawkish, jacks up Tyler Hansbrough during Game 5

birdman tyler hansborough

The Miami Heat’s Chris “Birdman” Anderson is one of the most unique personalities in the NBA. He is covered in tattoos and spikes his hair into a mohawk before taking the floor in front of millions of people watching on television.

During Game 5, Birdman (also known as Shaq’s idol) took his frustrations out in front of those viewers on Tyler Hansbrough, jacking up the Pacers forward and then shoving him when he gets up and says something.

It looks like enough to warrant an ejection, but upon referee review he was assessed a flagrant-1 and everybody went on their way.

Although one thing was made abundantly clear: These two players, and these two teams, don’t like each other.

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[Video via watchnba201213, H/T: CBS Sports]