Video: Bootsy Collins sings a Peyton Manning Christmas song

Bootsy Collins recently teamed up with Sports Illustrated Kids to sing a Christmas song based on Peyton Manning. The tune is a remake of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” titled “Peyton Manning is Passing your Way.”

Whoever had the idea of having Bootsy, America’s favorite Redskins fan, perform this jam should be promoted. From the creepy picture of Alice Cooper overlooking the studio to the Lego animation, this video is pure gold. Bonus points for the Lego Manti Te’o.

One day, while sitting in a college dorm, Logan Glick will put on the Funkadelic album “One Nation Under a Groove.” He will have his mind blown and realize that once, many moons ago, as a kid reporter for SI, he gave the lead to a man known as Casper the Funky Ghost.