Video: Bowling Green’s D.J. Lynch throws haymaker punches on Pitt player

Bowling Green linebacker D.J. Lynch must have spent halftime watching reruns of UFC cage fights, because on the opening play of the second half, he threw several haymaker punches on Pitt tight end Manasseh Garner.

With the score tied at 17, the Panthers kicked off to the Falcons. On the return, Lynch engaged with Garner on a block, driving him to the ground. As Lynch was getting up, you can see him swing multiple times on Garner.

The kickoff was returned 94 yards for a touchdown. Lynch was called for a personal foul on the play, but luckily for the Falcons, so too were the Panthers. The penalties canceled one another out, upholding the touchdown return.

Lynch was also not ejected from the game, which is hard to believe after watching the below video.

[Video via College Spun, GIF via SB Nation]

  • College Football Fan

    D.J. Lynch should have been thrown out of the game! I did not see what the Pitt player did to make it an offsetting penalty.

  • Sonic Fantasia

    I’m guessing that Gábor Szántó, developer of DJ Player, took app store comments to heart.