Video: Brutal riot at Brazilian soccer game leaves fan dead from fight

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup coming up this summer in Brazil, this video of fans brawling in the stands is the last thing the country needs.

A fight broke out during a match between Atlético Paranaense and Vasco da Gama at Arena Joinville in Santa Catarina. According to reports, one fan was killed after suffering a concussion in the riot. A total of three fans were taken to the hospital.

The melee starts at one side of the stadium and makes its way all the way around to the other side.

After a time the riot was subdued by privately security, and the match was eventually restarted.

Following is video and images of the unfortunate event that transpired.

[Thanks to The Big Lead for the hat tip]

  • Eliezer Fonseca

    I’m brazilian and supporter of Atletico-PR. Yesterday was at the stadium during this terrible event. I know, strong images, but please do not condemn all brazilians and latinos and all fans here. Unfortunately, in Brazil there are many criminals, and they also attend the stadiums and it is they who engage in such fights. This game took place in a small town where you can walk relatively safe on the streets as in many places in the world. 95% of people in the stadium were families, parents and children, and they were outraged, and shouted “vergonha”, meaning “shame”, and cheered when the police entered and started throwing these criminals fans. Other side, it happens in all world, infortunatelly. Check it in Youtube “soccer hooligans”, “basketball” or “handball” hooligans, and you’ll see these behavior in many countries of “first world”, like England, Sweden Germany, Netherlands, etc.