Video: Brian Cushing appears to blow out knee on Jamaal Charles’ block

Texans linebacker Brian Cushing appears to have blown out his knee while blitzing during the third quarter of Sunday’s Houston vs. Kansas City game.

Jamaal Charles picked up the blitzing backer and threw a low block, hitting Cushing’s knee in the process.

Following is a gruesome video of the play. Please proceed at your own risk.

*UPDATE* Adam Schefter reports that it’s the same knee (left) that Cushing injured last season.

*UPDATE* Per Albert Breer, Cushing has suffered a torn LCL and a broken leg.

  • Fred863

    Chalk another injury to artificial turf.
    It reaches up and grabs shoes, then when hit, the leg won’t give and the torgue moves up the leg.
    Lot’s of this in college and pros and now high schools are trying to ‘save costs’ by getting turf too.
    Forget the concussions, artifical turf causes more injuries… ok, and concussions from hittig your head on concrete covered by a carpet.

    • hmsrva

      Arrowhead doesn’t have AstroTurf…