Videos: Streaker interrupts Lions vs Browns game, leveled by security

Photo: Kory, WDOK CBS 2/Instagram

Photo: Kory, WDOK CBS 2/Instagram

It’s only the preseason, so if there was ever a time to go streaking without affecting any real football, it’s now.

One fast fan apparently took that to heart, going Full Monty at Thursday night’s exhibition between Detroit and Cleveland.

Here’s the deal: We’ve got two videos, one more hilariously epic than the next. The first is an Instagram video taken from the stands. We can clearly see the guy making his way across the field before getting just pummeled by security. We’re talking kicked in the shins, tackled, the works.

Then below that we have a video of where it all started. Seriously, watch them in order, from the finish first and then to the start, and allow your mind to be totally blown.

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