*Updated* Nationals star Bryce Harper ejected in first inning vs. Pittsburgh [Video]

Bryce Harper was not happy about a check-swing strike three.

Bryce Harper was not happy about a check-swing strike three.

Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper was ejected from the team’s Sunday afternoon game against Pittsburgh in the very first inning.

Why? For arguing a check-swing strike three call. Here’s how umpire John Hirschbeck described the ejection.

“I was actually just being nice,” Hirschbeck said, via For The Win. “Even the hands up in the air is showing me up, to me. I could have ejected him right then. I was nice enough to leave him in the game. And then he slammed his bat down. And then on top of that, he slammed his helmet. I had no other recourse, really.”

No other recourse? It’s not exactly like he was dealing with North Korea’s nuclear threat, but let’s go to the video:

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*UPDATE* Hirshbeck claims he saw Harper first throw up his hands and then toss both his bat and his helmet. However, this is not 1893, and there are videos on the young phenom practically 24/7.

Here are two GIFs showing Harper’s reaction to the call from the third-base umpire.

You be the judge on whether or not you think Harper deserved an ejection. Share your thoughts below!

GIFs courtesy @CorkGaines