Video: Celtics fans welcome Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett back to Boston

Boston has some of the most knowledgeable sports fans in the nation. They expect a lot out of players, but when those guys come through, they’ve earned the city’s love forever. That’s why it was so special to see this ovation for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

While KG only spent six seasons in Bean Town, he immediately endeared himself to the fans. His intensity and drive fit right in with the franchise’s lore. He felt like a lifetime Celtic.

Pierce, on the other hand, was Boston basketball for 15 seasons. He is top-5 in points and games played in franchise history; top-10 in assists and rebounds. Pierce was there for the championship, and he was also there for the bottoming out. He led the team into a new era, and will be remembered alongside the likes of Bird, Cousy, Havlicek and Russell in Boston’s pantheon.

Boston fans classed it up for these two guys on Sunday. It was a touching moment.

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