Video: Chad Johnson runs 24 MPH on treadmill, with an incline

chad johnson fast speed treadmill run

Recently, a video of 29-year old Arizona Cardinals rookie Robert Gill running 25 miles per hour on a treadmill blew up the blogosphere.

Apparently, the guy’s pure, unadulterated speed was enough to net him a three-year contract with Arizona. That might have inspired Chad Johnson to try the same thing.

Yes, “Ochocinco” recently suffered a legal issue when he was sent to jail after giving his lawyer a butt-tap. However, he was released after a few days after he personally apologized to the judge that had sentenced him.

Now that he is a free man, the free agent is looking for work. He told Good Morning America that he would “like to end his career on a positive note,” and who wouldn’t want a guy who can sprint at 24 miles per hour?

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[H/T: NFL Reddit]