Video: Channing Crowder enjoyed peeing on himself during games

“When you’v got to go, you’ve got to go.” – Former NFL linebacker Channing Crowder’s unofficial motto.

NFL Films rounded up a handful of players recently to put together a trivia segment. Crowder was on the list for the pleasure he got in peeing on himself during games.

Awful Announcing caught the clip below of Crowder telling the world he peed down his leg for six years straight.

It’s not rare for a player to pee on himself during a game. Sometimes duty calls, and there’s no time to find a bathroom or take off equipment.

However, the pleasure that Crowder seems to have gotten in peeing on himself is the hilarious part.

Remember, this is the former Florida Gator who spent his spare time chasing wild boars in the backwoods of Georgia with his bare hands.

He’s just an animal by nature.