Video: Charles Barkley admires the greatness of New England Patriots

Charles Barkley was in Foxboro on Saturday night for New England’s game against Indianapolis. After the Patriots defeated the Colts in their AFC divisional contest, Sir Charles held court in New England’s locker room and expounded on the team’s greatness.

Between dropping a few customary f-bombs, Barkley explains how impressive the Patriots really are. Beyond that, he chided the media, saying it doesn’t fully respect the team’s performance year-in and year-out.

While the media and fans surely do understand the Patriots’ impressive run during the Belichick-Brady era, Barkley speaks to a larger point. His gripe is with the championship-or-bust mentality that has permeated sports.

Considering he’s one of the greatest superstars never to have won a championship, it’s understandable that he respects the process more than the end result. Hey, I can’t fault him; I’m a Braves fan.