Video: Chris Paul shatters Corey Brewer’s ankles with crossover

Forget the video games, Chris Paul is making grown men look silly right before our very own eyes. On Monday night, with Paul’s Los Angeles Clippers hosting the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Staples Center, Corey Brewer experienced it first hand.

With a dribble one way, followed by a nasty crossover the other, Brewer was on the floor, having suffered two proverbial broken ankles.

Obviously, this one’s going to live on forever in YouTube lore – and all Brewer could do was laugh.

[Video via @MaxaMillion711]

  • George

    He was tripped.

  • Troyboy

    Find someone who knows basketball to look at your clips before you post them. Blake Griffin broke Cory’s ankles. He steps right on the guys foot.
    Do you watch this stuff before you write it?

  • monstar

    yeah, brick griffin tripped him