Video: Fan rushes field, hugs and shares secret with Christiano Ronaldo

christiano ronaldo rush field hug

One fan took his love and need to communicate with international soccer icon Christiano Ronaldo into his own hands during Real Madrid’s match against Chelsea. The two teams met on the pitch for the Guinness International Champions Cup at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Wednesday night.

Seeing as Ronaldo is just not in America all that often, this fan took a risk, hopping onto the field and into the waiting arms of (presumably) his favorite player. Instead of running off or grabbing security, Ronaldo showed some real class. Not only did he accept the embrace, but he took several seconds to listen to whatever it was this fan had to say before gently helping him off the field where cops were waiting.

As fans, we absolutely love this, although we never support anyone running onto the field of a live sporting event. If we were the owners of Real Madrid, however, we’d be pretty peeved that security did not come sooner – Ronaldo is the No. 9 highest paid athlete in the world according to Forbes. Can’t let that investment be risked, right?

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[H/T: Bleacher Report]