Video: Clemson fan pranked, gets a Gamecocks’ room makeover

clemson fan prankedThis prank pulled on a Clemson fan by a South Carolina fan is pretty legendary. He went to extreme lengths to surprise his buddy upon his arrival back home, even painting his whole entire room in garnet.

We will let Ryan Bailey, the architect behind the prank, describe why he decided to switch up his buddy’s fanhood:

My buddy Sean is a massive Clemson fan that spends entirely too much time on college football forums and worshipping Woody Dantzler. He went on a week vacation for his birthday so I decided to redecorate his room with South Carolina apparel as a surprise present. I’m still waiting on a thank you from him.

Shoutout to Kregg Greg Brunner for help painting these disgusting Clemson filled walls.

This is what rivalries are all about, and if you are going to spend too much time living on message boards and worshipping Woody Dantzler, well, then you deserve to be messed with.

Bailey captured the whole entire process of film, from the beginning preparation to his buddy’s classic reaction. Enjoy the video (music by @AddThemUp).

[Warning: There is NSFW language in the video]

  • GatorX

    I love his response, “This is bool she-at”