Video: Coach K explains his Beyonce crush to Duke students

Photo: Duke Blue Planet/Instagram

Photo: Duke Blue Planet/Instagram

It was the second weekend of the 2013 college football season, and Duke students were camped out – camped out – for basketball tickets. Such is life on Tobacco Road.

The one and only Coach K brought the team out to a tent to provide a little cheer to those waiting to morph from elite members of academia into Cameron Crazies. What did he talk about? Surprisingly it wasn’t Duke basketball, or basketball at all for that matter.

After leading Team USA to gold medals in both 2008 and 2012, he shared a story of when he and LeBron James (the leader of those gold medal-winning squads) met Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Rather, when the 66-year old legend met the one and only Queen of Pop, aka his biggest crush.

“I really love Jay-Z, but I’m madly in love with Beyonce,” Kryzewski said.

Matt Norlander of CBS Sports transcribes the video you see below of Coach K talking to the Duke students:

“So anyway I go up on stage and do 10 minutes and say really nice thing sabout LeBron, Jay and of course Beyonce. The event’s over, and this is where my street cred, like, was bouncing all over the world. I’m asked to come up on stage and take a picture with LeBron and Jay. So it’s LeBron, Jay, and K. It’s on Twitter, Instagram, I don’t know, was Vine going then? It’s on all that crap. I mean in Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow. My shit’s going all over the place. I am the coolest 65-year-old [inaudible]. However, however, what I want has not happened yet. I want to meet Beyonce. … I go up to Beyonce. You know how guys think they have a lot of good lines? And, so I go up and I’m nervous as I can be. I’m like a teenager. And I go to her with a great line. I say, ‘Hi, I’m Coach K.’ And she said, ‘Coach, I know who you are. I just listened to you for 10 minutes.’ Like, patting me on the head. Little boy. So now I feel like I’m 11. So what’s my next line? I come up and I say, ‘You’re my favorite.’ My face is red as can be, you know, I’m like 4 feet tall right now. And she says, ‘Well, that’s nice.’ And I asked her — and I don’t usually do this — but I said, ‘Would you take a picture with me?’ So she takes a picture with me and I look, really, like I’m 12. But my street cred, as big as the other one was, goes everywhere. So, tonight, it’s not like being with Beyonce — it’s as good as being with Jay-Z.”

The photo above is from the night being described. You can see Beyonce and Coach K, in all of his rosy-cheeked glory, at the top left.