Video: Crazy Bama lady flipped Oklahoma students double middle fingers [NSFW]

The Oklahoma student who was attacked, Michael Connolly, captured some footage of the crazy Alabama lady, Michelle Pritchett, before she decided to fight him.

In the clip you can see Pritchett dancing the night away, before flipping Connolly double middle fingers. But it gets even better. At the end of the video, you can see what appears to be one of Pritchett’s sons telling Connolly to come up to him.

Pritchett eventually told her side of the story, saying she would “do it again.” She also doesn’t understand why everyone is making her out to be the “bad guy.” Apparently, she hasn’t seen the videos of how her and her family were acting.

[Thanks to College Spun for the hat tip]


  • Carol Marden

    Drunk women do dumb things but to admit you would do it again is sad!