Video: Danny Green sets Finals 3-point record, Ray Allen is not happy

ray allen danny green three pointer finals

Danny Green’s out of body experience from beyond the three-point arc continued into the Spurs’ Game 5 NBA Finals matchup against the Heat. The young San Antonio sharp-shooter inked his name in the league’s record books when he buried his 23rd shot from long range in the series — that is the most ever for one player in one Finals.

More than legendary sniper Ray Allen, who had set the previous record of 22 — in seven games against the Lakers — in 2008 as a member of the Boston Celtics.

First is a video of Green’s historic 23rd. He only needed 34 attempts to do it, meaning he was successful on roughly 70-percent of his shots, an otherworldly percentage at any level, let alone on the game’s single greatest stage.

Below that we have the reaction of Mr. Allen. Now with the Heat, he was chillin’ on the bench when Green bagged the historic jumper — and he was not too happy about it.

While the Alamo Dome, collectively, blew up watching Green perform wizardry from deep, we weren’t kidding about Allen. The man is not impressed.

Now, just for fun, we bring you possibly the greatest mashup of GIFs the internet has ever seen. Allen is obviously mad, but Green just feels like doing a bit of trolling anyways (Note: Green’s face is from a different game, this is just for laughs. Unless you’re a Heat fan, then feel free to smack your computer right about now).

[GIFs via @cjzero, Video H/T CBS Sports]