Video: Gallaudet University’s deaf football team shows unifying power of sports

The following video from ESPN features Gallaudet University’s football team. The university is a charter school in Washington D.C. for the deaf and hearing impaired. Despite its players’ impairment, the football team earned a 9-1 record and first-ever trip to the playoffs this season.

While others may perceive deafness as an obstacle, the team’s players think of it as an advantage. They communicate with American Sign Language at the line, a language most opponents can’t understand. Teams have trouble adjusting coverages, as Gallaudet’s audibles happen faster than the opposition can react.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the piece is the discussion of integration. It’s not racial integration, however, but the commingling of teammates with various ranges of deafness. The feature by ESPN is a heartwarming look at the unifying power of sports.