Video: Derrick Coleman Duracell commercial will give you goosebumps

Duracell recently released a powerful commercial starring Seattle Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman. The ad chronicles Coleman’s journey to becoming the first legally deaf athlete to play offense in the NFL.

Officially diagnosed at the age of three, Coleman worked his way onto the UCLA football team. Undrafted out of college, he eventually made the Seahawks’ 53-man roster as a free agent and hasn’t looked back. In Week 13 of the 2013 season, against the New Orleans Saints, Coleman scored his first career touchdown.

While he admits that being in the huddle can be a challenge, Coleman views his impairment as motivation to work harder and be more assertive.

“I don’t move until the ball moves. The biggest challenge is that I have to be extra focused on what the quarterback says. I have to read his lips and I can’t be shy if I didn’t hear it to grab him and say, ‘Hey, roll the play again.’ All those little things I don’t even recognize it anymore. I just have to work a little harder.”

Prepare to get goosebumps from this 61-second, well-produced spot.

[h/t to B/R]