Videos: Dwight Howard gets funky, dances with old ladies at Aspen party

dwight howard old lady dance

As has been noted countless times by dozens of sports websites, there are millions of people in various cities across America who just plain old do not like Dwight Howard.

Aspen is not one of those cities, and this wily old lady is not one of those people. Howard himself posted these videos to his Instagram account after gettin’ jiggy with it in the ski town.

Yes, Mr. Howard popped on a Lady Gaga-esque wig and yes, he broke into a rendition of the electric slide. Check out the lady trying to cop a feel. Take what’s yours.

One more time. We get the feeling Howard was trying to be unassuming – or even unnoticed – but if there’s ever a place where he’s really going to stand out, this is it.

[H/T: For The Win]