Video: High school QB pulls off spectacular trick play

“I can’t believe that worked!”

That’s a quote from the El Camino Real sidelines. It sums up the trick play from by junior varsity quarterback Jahlil Pinkett, nephew of Jada Pinkett Smith.

In the clip below, Pinkett strolls over towards his bench and pretends to need a new football. The unsuspecting opposition is unaware of that the center has already snapped him the ball. It’s a live play.

After a few extra steps to the sideline to really sell it, Pinkett tucks the ball away and turns the corner. From there, it’s nothing but pay dirt and jaws dropping on YouTube.

  • Joe ref

    This is illegal, and just not football.

  • Coach Bill

    I am surprised that teams still fall for this old trick. I am even more surprised that coaches teach this type of deception. Teach young people about the game of football – about respect for the game, respect for opponents. Kids learn life lessons for coaches and the game of football. Plays such as this one are demeaning to your opponents and teach a lack of respect.

    In my opinion, the results of such plays should not be 6 points. They should be 15 yard penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct.