Video: Ernie Banks joined Pearl Jam during concert at Wrigley Field

ernie banks pearl jam wrigley field

“Let’s play two!”

Pearl Jam was already set to rock Wrigley Field on Friday night when the historic ballpark enjoyed a surprise visit from one of the greatest to ever wear the Cubbie Blue.

The one and only Ernie Banks – better known as “Mr. Cub” – came on stage right before big-time Chicago fan Eddie Vedder began singing “All The Way.”

It is a Cubs tribute song. Word is that Vedder only wrote it after Banks himself asked him to write a song about the team. How cool is that?

But wait, there’s more: That glove Banks is sporting is no everyday mitt. Banks told the crowd that it had belonged to a five-year old Vedder and that he would be taking it home with him.

We just can’t help but ask again: How cool is that?

Even acclaimed director Judd Apatow was impressed. Honestly, who wouldn’t be?

[H/T: Deadspin, via Baseball Nation]