Video footage of Antonio Morrison’s arrest after barking at police dog

antonio morrison arrested video

True sophomore and starting middle linebacker Antonio Morrison will be sitting out at least the first two games of the 2013 season. Here is the video showing us why.

Morrison drew the ire of coach Will Muschamp after news broke recently that the 6-foot-1, 240-pound hard hitting backer was arrested for barking at a police dog. It sounds silly, but the action qualifies as a second-degree misdemeanor in the state of Florida. This was also his second arrest in a little more than a month’s time.

Check out the police dash cam of Morrison being arrested. There is no audio until he is put into the back seat.

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  • mikeybeila

    Arresting someone for that is kind of stupid. He did not assault or kill anyone and he did not sell drugs, nor was he arrested on Weapons Charges..What he did was stupid, but how many people are actually going to KNOW that barking at a Police Dog was a Misdemeanor.. I mean COME ON.. Common Sense Alert!!!

    • Zachary Vega

      Thats what im saying, yeah its a stupid thing to do but hes in college and kids do stupid things…..this definetly wasnt enough to jeopardize his future with an arrest

  • Adam

    The cop should be fined for littering! The water bottle he knocked off the car and didn’t retrive….. bet his dog would’ve!