Video: Fox’s cameras botched Koji Uehara’s game-winning pickoff in real time

Luckily for Fox, there are multiple cameras in every stadium and replay exists, because this was nearly catastrophic. Koji Uehara’s game-winning pickoff of Kolten Wong was completely missed in real time.

Amanda Rykoff captured a Vine of the broadcast. Fox’s cameras pan to the crowd and then quickly to first base just as Wong is being tagged out.

For a full look at the play, click here.

Could you imagine the uproar in Beantown if this play was missed altogether?

[H/T Awful Announcing]

  • JDDuck

    FOX Sports Production Manager shoudl be apologizing to us all. The production so far has been a disgarce to those in the industry. They have done a poor job all series. Its sad that they have no experience producing baseball

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