Ohio’s Frank Solich eats it on a tricycle during charity race

Photo via Mark Maxwell/Twitter

Photo via Mark Maxwell/Twitter

How did your favorite football team’s head coach prep for his conference’s Media Days’ event? Ohio’s Frank Solich geared up for Tuesday’s MAC Media Days by hopping onto a tricycle for charity.

Generally speaking, this type of post would simply garner a quick write-up about how nice it is to see coaches participating in community events and all that, but then something glorious/hilarious happens. Solich, the first Nebraska player ever to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, a member of the Cornhuskers Hall of Fame and now the coach of the up-and-coming Bobcats, tilts over and just plain eats it.

Allow us to reiterate: Frank Solich falls over onto the ground of a random parking lot while riding a tricycle. Hopefully the fundraiser for OhioHealth Heart and Vascular was successful, or else Solich’s tricycle riding abilities have come under fire for nothing.

Please enjoy. Beat writers covering the MACtion should have a field day with this one in Detroit on Tuesday.

Did you want to see that again? And again and again? We thought so.

[GIF via Sporting News]