Video: Herm Edwards gives intense motivational speech to Alabama Crimson Tide

herm edwards alabama crimson tide speech

Former New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards was in Tuscaloosa in order to give the 2013-14 edition of the Alabama Crimson Tide a motivational speech.

He spoke for quite some time. He used both a helmet and AJ McCarron as a prop at various points.

His point, however, was very clear: This year’s team hasn’t won a single football game.

Yes, the Tide lays claim to the most recent national title, but that was last year. In order to respect the game these guys must give it their all, their everything, because the name on the front of the jersey means far more than the name on the back.

Below is the clip of Part 1 of Edwards’ speech. Scroll underneath it for Part 2.

[H/T: College Football Reddit]