Video: Indiana State’s Carlos Aviles ejected for targeting of Shane Wynn

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Indiana’s Shane Wynn had already shown off some pretty elite speed in returning a punt for a touchdown against FCS opponent Indiana State.

Later in the contest, Sycamores special teamer Carlos Aviles decided to make sure Wynn did not do so again. Aviles absolutely hammers Wynn, well before an incoming punt arrives, and flags fly from every direction.

Technically, the refs ejected Aviles under the new targeting rules put in place for the 2013 season. The way we see things, however, Aviles wasn’t targeting, but instead taking his frustrations out in an unsportsmanlike manner.

On a side note, Thursday night was the opening weekend for college football. Aviles was not, however, the first player in history ejected for targeting. That dubious distinction goes to Lorenzo Doss of Tulane.


For those wondering, here are the exact targeting rules refs are using for this season and potentially beyond.

targeting rule indiana shane wynn

[H/T: Big Ten Network]