Video: Indianapolis fans give Peyton Manning well-desevered standing ovation

After starring for 14 years for the Indianapolis Colts, neither quarterback Peyton Manning nor his legions of fans could ever imagine him playing in Lucas Oil Stadium in a different uniform.

However, circumstances dictated otherwise, and Manning is now starring for Denver. On Sunday night, he led his Broncos into Indy for the time since he was released prior to the 2012 season, and fans in attendance gave him the standing ovation he deserved.

You can see the emotion he is trying to contain – remember, he still had to play a full football game after this showering of applause.

  • Tebowmaniac

    in the last two years of watching Peyton after he went on the regular season win streak, I’ve noticed if he plays like that and if the defense holds up no one can beat him…. but on the other hand, the Raven playoff game and the Colts game that they played last night were very similar – TOO DAMN CONSERVATIVE…. they didn’t play to win, they played not to lose AND they lose when they play that way….. and it doesn’t help when Hillman fumbled on the goaline, and instant replay shows his hand on the ball against his body and colts touching him – THE BRONCOS SHOULD HAVE RETAINED POSSESSION… and what about Decker catching the ball, two feet in, hits the endzone markers – that was a FREAK’N TD!!!! – right then and there – it was a TD!!!! but the play goes on??? he falls out of bounds and the football comes lose???? THE REFS SUCKED WORSE THAN THE BRONCOS DID LAST NIGHT!!!