Indoor Football League coach runs on field and shoves player to turf [Video]

indoor football league coach pushes player

What’s about to happen probably shouldn’t happen in an organized football game — or any game ever anywhere, for that matter.

Lincoln Haymakers coach Dave Brumagen charges across the entire field (granted, it’s not the biggest field out there, but the point remains) to go full-Hulk on RJ Hollins of the Omaha Beef.

Check out the video of Brumagen completely taking Hollins by surprise. Would you have reacted the way the rest of the Beef did? Because we would have.

[You guessed it >> That’s the same Omaha Beef who offered Tim Tebow a $75 per game contract]

Video courtesy No Coast Bias

KSIS Radio provided details on the aftermath of the brawl. The coach and eight players have been suspended from between two and 12 games, although all will have the chance to appeal.

The talk radio station also provided statements from the Champions Professional Indoor Football League, as well as from the Omaha Beef.

First, the CPIFL:

After careful consideration and viewing numerous sources of video, the Champions Professional Indoor Football League is prepared to announce the penalties levied against players and coaches for their actions in Omaha on Saturday night. Players and coaches were suspended for their roles in a fight with punches thrown and actions detrimental to the league.

Now, the Omaha Beef:

“The Omaha Beef were notified last night by the Champions Professional Indoor Football League of suspensions regarding four Omaha players after Saturday night’s 27-23 victory over the Lincoln Haymakers. The Omaha Beef do not condone any of the actions that occurred by either team during the fourth quarter incident on Saturday night.

The Omaha Beef will immediately appeal all suspensions that have been issued, but have also been notified by the league office that regardless, suspensions will be enforced during the appeals process. The Omaha Beef do not necessarily disagree with the issuing of sanctions, but we strongly disagree with the gravity of sanctions leveled.

The Omaha Beef will make individual appeals on behalf of all parties suspended. We believe that each player’s case is unique, and the event that triggered the entire situation is nearly unprecedented. The Omaha Beef throughout this process has been fully cooperative with the CPIFL and even voluntarily provided a large amount of additional video evidence from the arena to the league for a thorough and fair evaluation. The Omaha Beef are committed to handling this in a professional matter, and believe that the overwhelming video evidence tells the story.”

You stay classy, CPIFL.