Video: Jadeveon Clowney flips blocking sled at first day of fall camp

jadeveon clowney flipping blocking sled

He’s baaaaaaaaaacckkk!

Not a single person in the sports world has shut up about Jadeveon Clowney since “The Hit” on Michigan’s Vincent Smith during last season’s Outback Bowl.

It did not take the South Carolina superstar long to remind us why. During the very first day of fall camp on Friday, Clowney and teammate Gerald Dixon literally flipped a blocking sled all the way over – and it didn’t even look like they were trying very hard.

Be afraid, Tajh Boyd and Aaron Murray, be very afraid.

[H/T: SB Nation, via SDS]

  • Cap

    Looks to me like Dixon did more to the sled flipping then Clowney….nothing to see here

  • swing8

    The metal runs don’t have much curve at the front. All it took was someone tall with long enough arms to make the front edge catch on the ground. He’s a great player but I was expecting a “vicious pop” and the sled going over on momentum.

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