Video: Jaguars mascot loses Colts’ bet, gets shot with 40 paintballs

jaguars mascot paintball bet

The Jacksonville Jaguars got blown out by the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, 37-3, but the team was not the biggest loser in the organization.

No, that dubious distinction would have to go to Jaxson DeVille, the Jags’ intrepid mascot. In spite of the fact that the team he represents is terrible at the moment, he insists on making bets with the mascots of opposing teams over Twitter; simply because he is awesome.

This week, it was taking paintball shots equal to the combined points scored. He would have been better served had his team been shut out completely – the field goal did not help the Jags’ cause in EverBank, but it handed DeVille three more welts.

Wonder if he’s going to be betting with Denver’s mascot in Week 6? Probably, because again, he’s awesome.

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