Video: Jameis Winston unveils David Letterman Top 10 list

Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston continued the media rounds on Monday night, stopping by David Letterman’s New York studio to make an appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

Just as Johnny Manziel did last year, Letterman had Winston unveil his Top 10 list. Winston’s category was unusual things you hear in the huddle.

10. Is this about football?

9. One of their guys is shoving me.

8. Who’s wearing perfume.

7. Let’s win this for Kim Jong-un’s uncle.

6. Is anybody here a notary public.

5. Hey – We match!

4. Ugh – Grass stains.

3. Guys, I’d rather be alone right now.

2. Crap, wrong team.

1. How many of you guys won the Heisman?

Following is the video of a dapper Winston counting down Letterman’s Top 10. If football doesn’t work out, he may have a career in acting.