Video of Jared Lorenzen playing quarterback for the River Monsters proves he’s still got it

And here I was thinking football season was over. Not so fast, my friends. We’ve got the Continental Indoor Football League to look forward to now. Even better, Jared Lorenzen is suiting up for one of the league’s teams, the Northern Kentucky River Monsters.

If you thought the Hefty Lefty was big before, wait until you get a load of the 320 pound River Monster moving in the pocket in the video below.

[PHOTOS: Jared Lorenzen is a 320 lb gun-slinging River Monster]

Raise your hand if you thought Lorenzen would be playing football in 2014, while Tim Tebow looks on from the sidelines.

[Thanks to Peter King for the video tip]

  • SportsChump

    I don’t know that I’d ever pay to see Jared Lorenzen play football but I’d
    definitely take him to Golden Corral. That’d be far more entertaining.

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  • Richard Magnuson

    Of course, he is playing and Tebow is not. His throwing motion delights the pro coaches’ ideal for a quarterback. Numbskulls.