Video: Jim Mora goes off on reporter during press conference

jim mora press conference nick pasquale

The UCLA athletics family lost one of its own, tragically, in a car accident over the weekend. Wide receiver Nick Pasquale was hit and killed by a vehicle during the team’s off weekend.

On Monday, coach Jim Mora addressed reporters regarding the situation. However, someone in the crowd disrupts his line of speech and Mora is not at all happy. At the 1:15-mark of the video below he says, “Hey, shut up,” to a reporter. The conference did not last too much longer after that, and for good reason.

  • freddy4life

    Yeah for Jim. Congratulations, FINALLY somebody had the CHARACTER to put one of these TURDS in their proper place. Way to go Jim. You are right.

  • Chris Barnard

    The sports media are nothing but scum bags that incite trouble and drama and BS with players and coaches. They would be ASKED nicely not to bring up things and they still do just to get a headline.

  • cajuncommando58 .

    Way to go Jim.