Video: Jimmy Kimmel and Kate Hansen talk about ‘Wolf of Sochi’ prank

Remember that whole “Wolf of Sochi” video that circulated yesterday. The one with a big ol’ beast roaming Kate Hansen’s Russian hotel room. Turns out it was all a prank with late night host, and jokester extraordinaire, Jimmy Kimmel.

You got me, JKL. Good form. I’m sure there’s some smug commentator that will use this as the latest example of blogs (and sports blogs specifically) of shooting first and not doing all the necessary research.

To that I say: anything is possible with these Olympics. They’re in the Tyson Zone (™ Bill Simmons). Coaches climbing trees dressed as monkeys, bobsledders punching through doors, open elevator shafts, and sewage faucets have all surfaced. If not possible, the video was at least plausible.

So whatever. Good prank. Print retraction. Next story. Besides, Rugby is too cute to keep from the world.