John Tortorella hates all reporters and their stupid questions [Video]

John TortorellaListen up people, if you are going to address New York Rangers coach John Tortorella, you better ask him a question. If you don’t, he just won’t talk to you. He’ll bang the podium and walk off like a 5-year-old.

This is a clip from Tortorella’s riveting press conference following Sunday’s Game 6 between the Rangers and Washington Capitals.

Before you watch this video, just remember, Tortorella doesn’t want to talk to you.

[H/T For The Win]

  • The Professor

    Talk about journalism 101, some creative cutting and editing of course makes Tortorella look bad. I dislike the guy but this post was way worse than what he did.

    1- Tortorella did answer the reporter’s question once he turned it into a question.

    2- It was a dumb question and the rest of the room laughed.

    3- It was announced by the Ranger’s PR guy that it was the last question, Tortorella answered the question and left. Again not what happened but since this is journalism 101 you failed.

    Trash the guy when he actually does something wrong not make up something that didn’t happen.

  • James Soto

    I wonder what they are teaching this new breed or reporters in journalism school because they all ask stupid questions. I love Tort for having the balls to tell them that they are.