Even blindfolded, Johnny Football is better at football than you [Video]

Photo courtesy @NFLCharean

Photo courtesy @NFLCharean

Johnny Football was recently in San Diego in order to work out with renowned quarterback trainer George Whitfield Jr. and while we had already seen him working out in the ocean, this is a new one.

Yes, the Texas A&M superstar and Heisman Trophy winner was golfing with his family at Pebble Beach, but he was also dropping dimes — blindfolded.

According to Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram, out of 29 attempts, Manziel only threw two uncatchable balls. TWO!

Seriously, does absolutely everything Manziel touches turn to gold or what?

He wound up shooting an insane 79 at Pebble Beach and was invited to throw out the first pitch at the Padres-Nationals game — and he hit a home run during batting practice.

So, basically, after pulling off his best Tiger and then Bryce Harper impersonation, Johnny Football went full-on Johnny Zorro for this drill.

The really scary part?

SEC teams will have to face him with just a facemask on, not a blindfold.

Video courtesy Johnny Manziel’s Twitter account