Johnny Manziel denies being hungover at Manning Camp during SEC Media Days

johnny manziel 2013 sec media days

Many college football fans and experts love to say that the SEC Media Days signal the beginning of the upcoming season.

That sort of sentiment would be great for reigning Heisman winner Johnny Manziel, who is absolutely ready to put his roller coaster ride of an offseason behind him and get back to the gridiron.

Manziel has not been able to stay out of the spotlight over the last few months. The actions that have put him under fire finally came to a head when he was sent home from the prestigious Manning Passing Academy amidst reports that he was hung over from the night before.

Early Wednesday morning, Manziel faced the media frenzy and held his own. Below are snippets of his interview with ESPN’s Joe Tessitore, who does a great job of not simply lobbing softball questions Johnny Football’s way. Manziel denies nursing a hangover, instead explaining that a dead phone caused him to oversleep and miss his morning meetings.

He admitted to overextending himself and to learning from the several mistakes he has made – and that he feels a little bit like Justin Bieber with all the attention he’s been getting.

[Video via Big Lead Sports]