Video: Kansas Jayhawks unveil new adidas football uniform combinations

new kansas jayhawks uniforms

Now we know what safety Cassius Sendish was doing in what looked like a hallway while sporting a previously unreleased gray Kansas uniform.

The Jayhawks have teamed up with adidas to unveil not only new grays, but an absolute slew of new looks for the 2013 season. We had already seen several new jersey and helmet combinations, but this hype video serves as the first time the entire line has been brought together.

We can see white, blue and gray jerseys. Some have blue numbers while others boast white. There are white, red and blue pants, and the same for helmets. In all, they can be put together to give us an all-white, all-gray or all-blue look, or any number of different, multiicolor combinations.

What do you think about the Jayhawks’ official uniform unveiling? Pretty legit, or are you waiting to see how the team looks in these new threads on the field? Sound off in the comments section below!

[H/T: Tim Grunhard/Twitter]