Video: Kyrie Irving holds dance-off with South African school children

kyrie irving dance moves south africa

It’s a dance off, everybody!

During the season, Kyrie Irving shows America why he’s The Man on the hardwood. With time off, however, the budding Cleveland superstar is showing the world why he’s just as stellar away from the game.

On a Unicef trip to South Africa, Irving does not simply pop into a school, say hello, take a few photos and leave. He is a hero to children across the globe, and he spent some real time with some in the RSA.

Irving kept it light hearted and fun. He competed in a dance-off against a couple of excited young children, while others laughed and cheered him on. The scene had to have felt just as good to Irving as 20,000 screaming fans in an arena.

[H/T: Athlete Swag]