Video: Lane Kiffin, Marqise Lee surprise USC Trojans band with ice cream

lane kiffin ice cream truck

Proving that the Trojan Family extends beyond the multi-million dollar USC football facilities, coach Lane Kiffin and superstar wide receiver Marqise Lee rode over to a dusty baseball field full of sweaty marching band members.

They did so in an ice cream truck, which really could not have been more perfect.

People tend to forget how hard the band works to get ready for gameday. No, the young men and women with their trumpets and tubas do not have to avoid the aggression of 300-plus pound opponents, but maintaining those formations, adding complexity and continuing to play their instruments takes work – hours upon hours of work.

Sometimes they just need a little ice cream too.

Here’s the complete video of Kiffin’s ice cream truck driving shenanigans.

[H/T: College Football Reddit]