LeBron James literally has DJ playing in Chinese hotel room 24/7

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

It is good to be King James these days. After winning his second consecutive NBA championship, LeBron has finally managed to silence most critics of his game and now the superstar has taken his talents all the way over to China.

We all know about the rings, the millions, and the adoring fans, but want to know what really impresses Mr. Witness these days?

How about a DJ spinnin’ records from dusk ’till dawn in James’ hotel room?

“Yo, I’m out here in Guangzhou, man, at my hotel room in the W. I got to show you something. I got my own 24/7 DJ in my room.”

Just to prove it, James posted the video below to his Instagram account roughly eight hours later, along with this quote:

“Just letting y’all know that I really wasn’t playing about my 24/7 DJ. Yea, he’s still here and he’s still rocking. Crazy.”

Crazy baller, that’s for sure.

Just to make sure you really understand the type of global icon Bron Bron has become, check out the crowd that rolled out to see him in Guangzhou.

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