LeBron James blocks shot, jams finger, dunks with left hand: Boss [Video]

lebron james block jams finger dunks

LeBron James is one of only five players in the history of the NBA with four MVP awards (Jordan, Wilt, Kareem and Russell comprise the other four legends, for those of you wondering). When you are that good at basketball, you are expected to be able to make other, mere mortal players look silly, even with your off hand.

After stuffing Roy Hibbert during the Heat’s Game 1 Eastern conference finals showdown against Indiana, Bron Bron shook out his right hand like he had jammed one of his fingers. But that did not stop James from traveling on down to the other end and slamming it down, video-game style, with his left.

No big deal.

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Video courtesy OUOutreach

[H/T: CBS Sports]