Video: Meghan Rutledge fist pumps at X-Games, crashes bike, loses gold

meghan rutledge fist pump crash lose

Meghan Rutledge, only 18 years old, found herself all alone in first place as she neared the Moto X, X-Games finish line in Los Angeles, but she should have saved her celebration for when it was all totally over.

Rutledge skied up for some big air on the last jump of the Staples Center course, and pumped her fist in celebration. As she prematurely celebrated, it all came apart. Rutledge came tumbling down upon landing and lost the gold medal.

“I was out there leading. I’m really young. I’ve never led an X Games before. I celebrated a bit too early and made a mistake, unfortunately, which gave Vicki Golden an opening to take first again,” said Rutledge, via “If I had stayed on the bike, there was no way I could have lost. I had one straight to go. But, you know, mistakes happen.”

Even after her fall, Rutledge was able to recover and take home the silver, no small feat against the very best the world has to offer. Obviously, however, the pain of losing the top prize is going to hurt for quite some time.

Check out the video clip below. The poor young lady’s mascara starts running after she takes her helmet off at the 1:15-mark.

[H/T: Fansided]

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