Video: Miami fan is pumped for the Hurricanes to go 12-0 in 2013, like really pumped

miami hurricanes fan 12-0

It’s that time. You know, when fans begin to take to YouTube in order to bring the college football world their completely biased picks. It’s beautiful.

First up, this Miami Hurricanes fan. He genuinely believes that the only things standing between his team and a perfect 12-0 record are two in-state rivals Florida and Florida State.

Is this dude crazy, or onto something?

Either way, stay tuned to the very end of this one for out favorite line … “out!”

[H/T: Tomahawk Nation]

  • Bob Kahn

    He is definitely on something. He might go undefeated in the All Cupcake Conference (ACC), but that’s it.( I doubt it very highly). Tell me, have you had a sellout any time within the last 10 years?? Maybe with the Gators coming into town, you have a chance. No one likes a loser in Miami. You must be a winner. Just ask the Dolphins.