Video: Mike Gundy’s ‘sweet’ reaction to SI reporter’s Cotton Bowl question

Following Oklahoma State’s 41-31 loss to Missouri in the Cotton Bowl on Friday night, Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy brought the world a fantastic soundbite.

Sports Illustrated reporter Martin Rickman had a question regarding the game, but it’s who he works for that provided Gundy’s priceless reaction. Earlier in the season, the publication released an expose on alleged wrongdoings within Oklahoma State’s football program.

Gundy hasn’t quite forgotten about the magazine’s skewering, asking the reporter, “Where are you from?” Rickman answered with, “I’m from Sports Illustrated.” Gundy then continued, stating, “Sweet. That’s awesome. Make sure you document this so you have all your research and your background.”

Remember, he’s a man, he’s 40 – he can do what he wants.