Video: Mike Leach wasn’t happy with reporters after New Mexico Bowl collapse

Following Washington State’s collapse against Colorado State in the New Mexico Bowl, Cougars coach Mike Leach was not a happy camper. Leach had just watched his team give up a commanding 45-30 lead with under 3:00 minutes to play in the game.

There were a couple of questions that Leach had no desire to answer. The first question that frustrated the coach was in relation to Jeremiah Laufasa’s fumble that set up the Rams’ game-winning field goal.

Reporter: “Is there a concern when sending in a player that hasn’t been playing for most of the game that they might be cold or might be able to jump in and be warm right in the game?”

Leach: “Next question. What the hell kind of question is that? You go out there, you practice all the time, you play. I’m not even answering that. Next one.”

Later, Leach was asked about why, when things go wrong, they go wrong quickly.

Reporter: “A couple times this season, when things have gone wrong, they go wrong quickly and drastically. Why is that and how can that be fixed?”

Leach: “Uh, next question.”

Below is video of Leach’s post-game press conference following Colorado State’s 48-45 win over Washington State.