Morgan & Morgan releases ad urging Jacksonville to sign Tim Tebow

morgan and morgan tebow ad

This, ladies and gentleman, is really happening. A law firm based in north-central Florida, Morgan & Morgan, has released an ad urging new Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan to sign hometown hero Tim Tebow.

Basically, if you live in Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville or really anywhere across Florida, you are familiar with Morgan & Morgan’s “For The People” commercials.

John Morgan, the face of the big-time firm and a University of Florida law school graduate, wants to talk Tim Tebow for a minute and has begun airing this campaign across Jacksonville radio stations, per the Orlando Sentinel.

Morgan goes as far as to state that he will “even buy that box you tried to sell me.”

Whether you choose to accept it or not, Tebow would put all of Jacksonville in EverBank Field.

What do you think about this campaign? Sound off in the comments below.

  • txgator24

    I think they should go for it. I know I’d look good in a Jax # 15 Jersey…lol Sporting it deep in the heart of Cowboys/Texans country.Far better than my Jets jersey. But everyone really needs to cool it. How are the rest of the Jags, or on ANY team he may go to, going to feel when he arrives? Its one of the main reasons he is having such a hard time getting picked up. Dont believe the BS about his throwing motion. That was only seen occassionally 2 years ago. The 8 passes from last year looked great to me (except for one).

  • libby

    What are you guys afraid of ? Lets see what does he do….. oh yea when given a chance he wins. You can’t fill the stadium now. You have a real winner in Blackmon, granted not drafted by the group in charge. So we keep around someone who just can’t stay outta trouble.
    You know what he needs? Stop trying to change him. Make Mark Burnell his teacher/coach. A lefty, a tuck and run QB when needed. You just might be surprised.
    When myself and several other coworker were looking into becoming season ticket owners through our work discount. Now not one of us is looking any more. I can not remember a time when I wasn’t an NFL fan. I love having a team here in Jax. But come on guys looks whats out there now Jax Sharks… Champs and a heck of a lot of fun to watch, Giants…. Champs and lets not forget the Jax Suns also Champs.
    Bring this young man home and yes for the people, those of us who believe he has not been given a chance. You can not call what happened in New York nothing but a joke from the get go. They did not care if he played or not all they cared about was media coverage they got from his being on their so called team.
    So come on Tebow supporters unite. Let’s stop being a single voice and unite behind Morgan and Morgan to spread the word. We can become the voice of many. No longer small groups talking amongst our peers and fellow Jags lovers but now a roar. MAKE YOUR OPINION HEARD!

  • PacoMartinez

    IF Tim has a ‘fluttering’ off target pass–he needs an MRI on his left throwing shoulder: I had a rotator cuff tear and couldn’t throw a rock across the road. Tim get checked. At least then you’ll know if your passing as diminished or if it’s just in the eyes of the detractors.

  • Nola Humphrey

    Would love to see it happen, and if a success, watch the Jets eat crow while getting their butts kicked badly again this year.