Massive naked streaker takes over Aussie rugby final, coach impressed [Slightly NSFW]

australian rugby streaker

A massive, hairless streaker ran onto the field during the final match of the State of Origin series, making this big man’s mad dash the equivalent to someone doing the same thing at our Super Bowl.

The best part? Not only does he manage to get roughly 95 yards before collapsing with security all over him, but play never even stops there – nor do the announcers seem to even see him until after the try is scored.

Upon review, however, the score was waived off, and Queensland’s original, two-point margin of victory over New South Wales was upheld.

Even though it cost one of his players a try that would have put the title game on ice, Queensland coach Mal Meninga was not too mad. In fact, like Ron Burgundy, he was impressed.

“I thought he did very well,” Meninga said of the way the streaker evaded his pursuers.

“It was disruptive. It cost us a try. We handled it … Silly, ridiculous it does happen in Origin, in sport, but it does happen.”

Here’s a local Fox Sports news clip of the incident:

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